Alex Rodriguez

photo I have got my degree in chemistry at the Universitat de Barcelona, where later on I would also obtain my phD thesis entitled "QM/MM investigation of the reaction mechanism of the NS3/NS4A hepatitis C protease with its main substrates" under the supervision of professor Miguel Gonzalez. Before I started on SISSA at November of 2012, I worked for 4 years as postdoctoral research assistant at the Molecular Engineering Research Group with the professor Juan Jesus Perez working in the characterization and conformational classification of peptides and proteins, G-protein coupled receptors embedded in lipid bilayers and implementation of complex system algorithms. Some of the works that I already published can be consulted at my Google Scholar home page


I'm working in developing basic analysis tools for molecular simulations as well as developing algorithms for peptide design. In the first field, we recently developed a new clustering algorithm based in search and find density peaks, while in the second one, continue developing on the scoring function and of the sampling techniques are showing promising results.