Liminar Investigations of Memory and Brain Organization

locked up in LIMBO listed from those with more of a future ahead
all the way down to the pattern long condensed
Sara Varetti

since October 2022

1st year student


Sara in limbo

Prishtina, Istanbul, Trento

Lindon in limbo
Lindon Krasniqi

  since Oct 2022

UniTN-SISSA MSc student
Anindita Basu

since Jan 2022

  1st year student



Judit Fiedler

since Oct 2020

3rd year student

York, Oldenburg, Budapest

exp psychology

Judit in limbo


Kwang Il in limbo
Kwang Il Ryom

since Oct 2018

  4th year student
                  in limbo
Yifan Luo

since June 2018

  4th year student


Safaa Mamoun

since March 2022

continuing collaboration


Francesca in limbo

Rio Grande do Norte, Berlin

Aline in Limbo
Aline Viol

since Sept 2020

  mind wandering postdoc
                in limbo
Joe Collins

since 2021

wandering postdoc

Tromso, Trondheim


Jerusalem, Oxford


Ale in limbo
Alessandro Treves
since Nov 1992


PhD Thesis
examined by
Stefano alumnusStefano Panzeri
Quantitative methods for analysing information processing in the mammalian cortex
December 1996

Bill Bialek

Director, Ctr Molec Neurobiol Hamburg (ZMNH) and
Dept Excellence for Neural Information Processing
professor, Radboud Univ Nijmegen, Donders Inst Brain, Cogn & Behaviour,
ERC awardee
Recurrent networks in the brain and spatial memory: dynamics and storage capacity
November 1998

Francesco alumnusFrancesco P Battaglia

independent scientist !
check out his latest paper
A theoretical model of neocortical association areas as large autoassociators
November 1998

Nestor Parga
Carlo alumnusCarlo Fulvi Mari
Valeria alumnusValeria Del Prete Population coding of continuous+discrete stimuli: experimental evidence and theoretical modelling
October 2001

Daniel Amit
K-pop songwriter and vocal producer in London (featured in Panorama magazine)
professor at the Kavli Inst Systems Neuroscience, Trondheim, Kandel Prize 2015
Pattern retrieval in isocortical recurrent networks
September 2005

Haim Sompolisky, Nicholas Brunel
Yasser alumnusYasser Roudi Rashtabadi
Emilio alumnusEmilio Kropff Static and dynamic properties of semantic memory networks
September 2007

Moshe Abeles, Laurenz Wiskott, Francesco P Battaglia
researcher at the Leloir Institute (IIBBA-CONICET), Buenos Aires, Grass Found fellow, ICTP Prize 2017
postdoc at College de France, Paris, then data scientist in Rome, one-time poker celebrity Efficient storage of informative spatial representations in memory
January 2010

Edmund Rolls, Kate Jeffery
Erika alumnaErika Cerasti
Athena alumnaAthena Akrami Attractors, memory and perception
January 2010

Edmund Rolls,
Albert Compte,
Kate Jeffery
assistant professor at Univ College London, accidental advocate of #longcovid
postdoc at Bilkent University, Ankara, then science communicator
Experience-dependent modulation in the perception of ambiguous objects
December 2010

Shlomo Bentin,
Natalie Sebanz
Vale AlumnaValentina Daelli
Ele alumnaEleonora Russo
Cortical free association dynamics (latching dynamics in Potts networks)
January 2012

Nicolas Brunel, Etienne Koechlin
postdoc with Daniel Durstewitz then researcher at the CIMH, Mannheim

postdoc with Matthias Hennig in Edinburgh, then Paris, now data scientist in Davis, CA
Artificial language learning in a Potts attractor network
January 2013

Sara Solla, Rens Bod, then Bill Bialek
Sahar in LimboSahar Pirmoradian
Fede alumnusFederico Stella
Spatial representations in the entorhino-hippocampal circuit
January 2014

Andreas Herz, Jozsef Csicsvari
postdoc with Jozsef Csicsvari in Vienna, now Marie Curie in Nijmegen

riding the ANN train to a destination yet unknown, meanwhile tracking wildlife in Finland
Exploring language mechanisms: the Mass-Count distinction and the Potts neural network
May 2014

Davide Crepaldi, Yasser Roudi
Ritwik alumnoRitwik Kulkarni

Chol Jun KangChol Jun Kang
Latching dynamics in Potts neural networks
December 2017

Oren Shriki, Eleonora Russo
first neuroscientist at Kim Il Sung university, Pyongyang, DPRK,

postdoc with Claudia Clopath at Imperial, now with Athena Akrami (above) at UCL
Storage of semantic memory in the cortex
January 2018

Tim Shallice, Remi Monasson, Michael Herrmann
Vizhe alumnaVizhe Boboeva

Zeynep alumnaZeynep Kaya
Cross-linguistic exploration of phonemic representations
December 2018

Ines Samengo, Riccardo Bottini
data scientist for industry in Milan

February 2019, initially co-supervised at SISSA with Davide Crepaldi
Katarina alumnaKatarina Marjanovic
                  alumnusJoe Collins
October 2019, co-supervised at CASTL, Tromsø, with Martin Krämer
postdoc with Remi Monasson at ENS Paris
Associative transitions in language processing
December 2019

Giulia Bencini, Yasser Roudi
Max alumnusMax Trippa

Davide alumnusDavide Spalla
Space, time and memory in the medial temporal lobe

co-sup with Charlotte Boccara

November 2020

Ila Fiete, Caswell Barry

postdoc with Francesco Battaglia (above) at the Radboud

postdoc with SebastianGoldt at SISSA
Memories, attractors, space and vowels
July 2021

Ines Samengo, Matteo Mar
sili, Fiora Pirri

Francesca in limboFrancesca Schӧnsberg
Ole PhDOleksandra Soldatkina

Fragmentary understanding of memory
October 2021

Alex Roxin,
Claudia Repetto

flying tomorrow to Barcelona!

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