Liminar Investigations of Memory and Brain Organization

New postdocs + students in limbo

Applications are invited for a new postdoc (deadline Aug. 6) and PhD student (deadline Aug. 31). Previously: 

Two PhD students, Oleksandra Soldatkina and Francesca Schönsberg have joined as Early Stage Researchers the EU Training Network M-GATE, on hippocampal memory functions, which includes 7 institutes + 4 companies and is coordinated by Francesco Battaglia (Nijmegen).

Sara Andreetta has joined limbo as a postdoc within the HFSP-funded project on analog computations underlying language mechanisms, in collaboration with Naama Friedmann (TAU) and Remi Monasson (ENS). Sara hopes to apply measures of narrative fluency in language tasks probing cortical latching dynamics.

No beginning and no end

Our research lines are a confusing web of recurrent themes feeding back on each other. The categorization into webpages is just meant to affect a sense of direction and perspective. Which you may lose, when coming to visit us in Trieste. Our campus at Sanatorio Santorio Santorio will anyway offer you a view of the gulf, as well as test your alliterative capacities.

The Gulf in Green 

Want to try your memory? face tests! in Italian or in English.

Want to read an overview of our evolutionary perspective? Try this chapter from the Les Houches 2003 summer school.

Want to be confused by our research strategies? This PowerPoint presentation (from December, 2004) should leave you perplexed.


We are located in the former Santorio Hospital, at the edge of the Carso overlooking Trieste. It can be reached with the Tram de Opcina (when it operates, which is never) or with bus 38, both from piazza Oberdan.

From days bygone:
Closing day  
The Italian government is currently bent on destroying public education, behind the thin disguise of a desirable reform of the university system, and of necessary budget cuts. It has first targeted primary schools, the pride of the Italian system, and it is rapidly attacking public high schools, universities and research in general. Obedient media are mounting a campaign of generic delegitimation, by focusing on cases of corruption and mismanagement, unfortunately frequent in the university system. As an international research group in an international graduate school, with limited dependence on Italian public funds, we express our support for the vast majority of gifted and hard-working educators and researchers affected by the government action, and our concern for the disaster impending on Italy's future (Nov. 2008).
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