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Students and Courses


Paolo Bonicatto, PhD thesis Untangling of trajectories for non-smooth vector fields and Bressan's Compactness Conjecture (2017)

Elio Marconi, PhD thesis Structure and regularity of solutions to nonlinear scalar conservation laws (2017)

Stefano Modena, PhD thesis Interaction functionals, Glimm approximations and Lagrangian structure of BV solutions for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws (2015)

Mauro Bardelloni, PhD thesis The decomposition of optimal transportation problems with convex cost (2014)

Lei Yu, PhD thesis The structure and regularity of admissible BV solutions to hyperbolic conservation laws in one space dimension (2013)

Fabio Cavalletti, PhD thesis Optimal Transportation in geodesic spaces (2011)

Sara Daneri, PhD thesis Dimensional Reduction and Approximation of Measures and Weakly Differentiable Homeomorphisms (2011)

Daniela Tonon, PhD thesis Regularity results for Hamilton-Jacobi equations (2011)

Laura Caravenna, PhD thesis The Disintegration Theorem and Applications to Optimal Mass Transportation (2009)

Matteo Gloyer, PhD thesis Transport Equations with Low Regularity Fields (2009)

Laura Spinolo, PhD thesis Parabolic approximation of hyperbolic initial boundary value problems (2006)


2004-2005: Functional Analysis (Master Program)

2006-2007: Boltzmann Equation

2007-2008: Introduction to PDEs (Master Program)

2008-2009: Optimal Transportation

2009-2010: An Introduction to Descriptiove Set Theory

2010-2011: Introduction to PDEs (Master Program)

2011-2012: Hyperbolic PDEs

2012-2013: Functional Analysis (Master Program)

2013-2014: Gradient flows in metric spaces

2014-2015: Math250 at PSU, State College

2015-2016: Harmonic analysis

2016-2016: Complements of Functional Analysis (Master Program)