Giuseppe Mussardo

Prof. Giuseppe Mussardo

Statistical Physics Group

Director of Laboratorio Interdisciplinare Scienze Naturali e Umanistiche

SISSA, Via Bonomea 265

34136 Trieste (Italy)

tel: (+39) 040 3787 411

fax: (+39) 040 3787 528

E-mail: mussardo at

Giuseppe Mussardo is a Full Professor of Theoretical Physics at SISSA. He belongs to the Statistical Physics Research Group (which he founded in 2005) and the associated PhD. He is also National Chairman of the INFN special iniative Statistical Field Theory and scientific consultant of the Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Group at the Abdus Salam International Centre of Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste. He is an active member of the International Scientific Board of the International Institute of Physics in Natal (Brazil).

Scientific Director of Journal of Statistical Mechanics. Theory and Experiments (JSTAT).

He has been appointed Kramers Chair at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Utrecht (The Netherlands). He will assume his role as Chair in november 2017.

Former Chairman of QICFT (Quantum Integrability, Conformal Field Theory and Topological Quantum Computation), an IRSES grant with nodes in the USA (Brookhaven National Labs), Argentina (Buenos Aires), China (Hangzhou) and Europe (Oxford, Amsterdam, Madrid, Trieste) and INSTANS, an European network of European Science Foundation on interdisciplinary statistical and field theory research on low-dimensional quantum systems.

He is interested in history of science and worked to increase its public awareness. Author of several articles on history of science and the documentary movies Galois. Story of a revolutionary mathematician   (2017); Maksimovic. The Story of Bruno Pontecorvo   (2013);  Abdus Salam. The dream of symmetry (2011); Chandra. The journey of a star (2009); Boltzmann. The genius of disorder (2006). He gave numerous public lectures and has been awarded the 2013 Prize of Societa’ Italiana di Fisica for Science Dissemination.

Last update: October 2017