1. Geometric control and geometry of vector distributions. Rome, June 2006 (slides).

2. Low-dimensional control of the 2D Navier-Stokes and Euler equations. Moscow, June 2006 (slides).

3. Singular curves and invariants of geometric structures. Moscow, August 2007 (video), (slides).

4. Contol of diffeomorphisms and densities. Moscow, June 2008 (slides), video.

5. On the long-time behaviour of dissipative systems. Edinburg, October 2011 (slides).

6. On the curvature of optimal control problems. Moscow, April 2012 (Russian, video).

7. Extremals and their optimality. Teletsky lake, Altai, July 2014 (Russian, video).

8. Dissipative systems and infinite horizon variational problems. Lake Baikal, Buryatia, July 2015 (video).

9. Topics in subriemannian geometry. Srni, Czech Republic, January 2016 (slides). I. Geodesics. II. Balls. III. Curvature.

10. Geometry and Control. Kyiv, September 2016 (video), (slides).

11. Fast-oscillating control and combinatorics of permutations. Novosibirsk, August 2017 (slides).

12. Fast-oscillating control. Moscow, April 2018 (video).