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ICTP Main Lecture Hall

ICTP Lecture Room C

Satellite Meeting

Stress, Brain and Behaviour: recent developments

I Translational Issuess

Saturday 15

Technical workshop

Neurochemistry of learning and behaviour - "live" measurements by in vivo microdialysis

Michael Gruss & Inga Neumann

II Behaviour and Modelling

III Pharmacology

Peter Dayan, Eberhard Fuchs, Melly Oitzl & Carmen Sandi
Saturday 15

Technical workshop

Novel approaches to mouse behavioural phenotyping

Sylvie Granon, HP Lipp & Enrico Alleva


ICTP Main Lecture Hall

SISSA Aula Magna
Cannabinoids: what in vitro studies have not told us

Gernot Riedel & Robert E Hampson
Sunday 16
The retrosplenial cortex: revealing its role in memory and limbic system function

John Aggleton & Thomas Van Groen
Avian brain and cognition

Toshiya Matsushima & Onur Güntürkün
Sunday 16
Automatic processing of emotion: role in higher cognitive processes

Pascale Gisquet-Verrier
Neural representation of objects in the inferior temporal cortex

Pietro Berkes & Yasser Roudi
Monday 17
Of rodents, monkeys and men: how experience shapes brain and behaviour

Katharina Braun
The role of orbitofrontal cortex in adaptive behaviour

Giorgio Coricelli & Francesco P Battaglia
Monday 17
Episodic-like memory in animals

Alexander Easton
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in childhood: behaviour and neurobiology

Terje Sagvolden & Bob Oades
Tuesday 18
Hippocampal/cortical interactions in spatial behaviors

Etienne Save
New insights in the development of cortical networks

Alessandro Vercelli & Ferdinando Rossi
Tuesday 18
GABA, the amygdala and mood and anxiety disorders

Gal Richter-Levin & Oliver Stork
Novel vistas on brain dopamine

Carmen Cavada
Wednesday 19
Is the neocortex fundamentally multisensory? A look at the evidence

Christoph Kayser & Asif Ghazanfar

EBBS  Committee

Giorgio Innocenti (Stockholm, Chair)

Martine Ammassari-Teule (Rome, Secretary)

Melly Oitzl (Leiden, Treasurer)

Katharina Braun (Magdeburg)

Carmen Cavada (Madrid)

Francesca Cirulli (Rome)

Shane O'Mara (Dublin)

Bruno Poucet (Marseille)

Fotini Stylianopoulou (Athens)

Andrzej Wrobel (Warsaw)

Local Organizers

Alessandro Treves (SISSA)

P. Paolo Battaglini (Trieste)

Leonardo Chelazzi (Verona)

Mathew Diamond (SISSA)

Giorgio Vallortigara (Trieste)
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