The framework developed within AROMA-CFD will provide attractive capabilities for several industrial and medical applications (e.g. aeronautical, mechanical, naval, off-shore, wind, sport, biomedical engineering and cardiovascular surgery as well), combining high performance computing (in dedicated supercomputing centers) and advanced reduced order modelling (in common devices), to guarantee real time computing and visualization. A new open source software library for AROMA-CFD will be created: ITHACA, In real Time Highly Advanced Computational Applications, enhancing current RBniCS educational and training capabilities. Our software can be found here.
The new ERC PoC ARGOS will further enhance the valorization of the ERC AROMA-CFD project.

Calcoli di un supercomputer su smartphone e tablet, ci penserà un algoritmo,  May 2020

Calcoli di un supercomputer su smartphone, ci pensa un algoritmo, May 2020

Calculations of supercomputer on smartphone, algorithm take care of it, May 2020

TGR Leonardo Feb 7, 2020: about AROMA-CFD (minute 7:15s)

ERC at SISSA – Gianluigi Rozza, December 2019

Cross-fertilization of Ideas for real success stories, ESOF editorial by G.Rozza, May 2019

SIS-FVG and the initiative with MIT, May 2019

Plenary talk at SIAM CSE19 by PI Prof. Gianluigi Rozza, February 2019

FARE funding to three SISSA ERC grantees,  December 21, 2017

A top european school, article in Platinum Aziende e Protagonisti (Il Sole 24 Ore) magazine, July, 2017. (Italian version)

EU-RESEARCH, June 2017

A new ERC to SISSA, SISSA press release, February 12, 2016

Two new ERC winners at SISSA (plus one), SISSA press release, February 19, 2016

National engineering council, province section, press release,  February 24, 2o16

Minds Shaping the World, Alumni PoliMi, March 24, 2016

  • Prof Gianluigi Rozza (PI)
  • Assistant Prof. Francesco Ballarin (2018-2021), Dr Giovanni Stabile (2020-2022)
  • Post-doctoral research associates: Dr Martin Hess, Dr. Michele Girfoglio, Dr. Leonardo Scandurra, Dr. Mohammad Ghazizadeh
  • Research associate: Mr. Marco Tezzele, Mr. Nicola Demo
  • Past Internship Students (2019): Fabrizio Garotta, Julien Genovese, Giuseppe Infantino, Moreno Pintore,Giulio Ortali
  • Past Master students (2016-17): Luca Venturi, Davide Torlo, Saddam Hijazi, Federico Pichi, Nirav Vasant Shah, Matteo Zancanaro, Maria Strazzullo, Giacomo Zuccarino, Giulia Meglioli, Giulio Ortali, Moreno Pintore, Julien Genovese, Giuseppe Infantino, Angelo Cetrangolo, Anna Ivagnes, Moaad Khamlich
  • Former predoc students (2017): Matteo Zancanaro, Maria Strazzullo, Moaad Khamlich
ERC EC-H2020
AROMA-CFD is an European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant (CoG) awarded to the PI Prof. Gianluigi Rozza in the call 2015, in panel PE1 (Mathematics), grant agreement 681447. It consists of a grant allowance of 1,66 MEur for the period 2016-2021 within the European Union Research Program Horizon 2020. ERC has been established by the European Commission in 2007 to support top scientists from all over the world carrying out research in EU.

5 days of #summerschool @AROMA_CFD @Sissaschool #mathLab. Thanks to All participants, #lecturers, #poster #presenters. @SiamSissa @AROMA_CFD @RBniCS @rozzagroup #argos #mathematicsarea #cfd #reducedordermodelling visit:


New contribution as state of the art #review on #ACTANUMERICA on #reducedbasis for #parabolic #problems with Jan Hesthaven and Cecilia Pagliantini:
@AROMA_CFD @ITHACA_ROM @RBniCS @rozzagroup @aria_h2020 @ROMSOC_ITN @eFlows4HPC

At #ECCOMAS2022 we had also a #keynote on #modelreduction in #cfd and two talks by G. Stabile and I. Prusak (his first Talk) with recent results & trends @rozzagroup @Sissaschool on #turbulence #compressibleflows #machinelearning #fluidstructure 🇮🇹 🇺🇦 @ECCOMASofficial @AROMA_CFD

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PRFluids Letter: Numerical proof of shell model turbulence closure

Giulio Ortali, Alessandro Corbetta, Gianluigi Rozza, and Federico Toschi

Statistics of the energy cascade can be reproduced within the shell model for turbulence

📆 From 11 to 15 July 2022 SISSA will host the second edition of the Summer School on Advanced Reduced Order Methods and Applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

We are proud to announce that SISSA alumnus Marco Tezzele (@rozzagroup) wins the ECCOMAS Award for the best thesis of 2021 with a project dedicated to the optimisation of naval development processes in collaboration with @Fincantieri

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Il progetto di tesi di Marco Tezzele, realizzato alla @Sissaschool, grazie alla collaborazione e al supporto economico di #Fincantieri, è stato premiato dalla @ECCOMASofficial come tra le migliori del 2021. Un impegno continuo del Gruppo verso la #formazione.

Congratulazioni a Marco Tezzele per il premio @ECCOMASofficial! Un'incredibile risultato sostenuto grazie al supporto di @Fincantieri!

#SIAMUQ22 in #Atlanta, GA, US. Hybrid event after 2 years. My #Talk in MS72 and @MariaStrazzull2’s talk in MS154. @westindowntown @Sissaschool @rozzagroup @AROMA_CFD @RBniCS @ITHACA_ROM @ROMSOC_ITN @aria_h2020 @SiamSissa @TheSIAMNews #flowcontrol #modelreduction #pod #cfd

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Yesterday our Gianluigi Rozza held his first #Solari lucture in @polimi. His presentation has focused on excellence and innovation in wind science and engineering. Here some of the moments of the lecture whose topic was #rom technique and their potentials in wind engineering.


September 4th at 5pm Gianluigi Rozza will held his first #SolariLecture @polimi titled “Reduced-Order Models in Wind Engineering: fundamentals and applications”.
It will be an astonishing moment of knowledge sharing, in honour of the great #GiovanniSolari

September 4th at 5pm @gianluigi_rozza will held his first #SolariLecture @polimi titled “Reduced-Order Models in Wind Engineering: fundamentals and applications”. It will be an astonishing moment of knowledge sharing, in honour of the great #GiovanniSolari

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Are you ready for the #EuropeanResearchersNight? ✨
📅 Friday, September 30th
📍 Magazzino 26, Porto Vecchio, Trieste
#SharperNight #ern2022
@sharpernight @immaginarioIS

📣 The #EuropeanResearchersNight is back!
📅 Friday, September 30th
📌 Magazzino 26, Porto Vecchio
Games, shows and talks for children and adults on the many topics on which the research institutions of Trieste work every day.
#SharperNight #ern2022

Congratulations @elisafevola for an excellent defense of PhD thesis "Boundary Conditions Estimation Techniques for Cardiovascular Modeling"! Great work from a collaboration between @PoliTOnews @UofT @Sissaschool With S. Grivet Talocia, @gianluigi_rozza, F. Ballarin

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Some photos from the #EuropeanResearchersNight at @immaginarioIS ✨
Thanks to all those who stopped by to visit us!



📰 How can we distinguish reliable news from fake news?
In the 2nd episode of #Sidecar podcast, @bgallavotti and Andrea Maselli will talk about the importance of the role of the science communicator.
Listen now 👉

🚌 A shuttle bus will be available from Piazza Unità d’Italia to Porto Vecchio and back. While travelling you can enjoy listening to science stories from local researchers👩‍🔬👨‍🔬
🥪 A refreshment point will also be available nearby from 4 to 11 pm.

See you tomorrow 👋

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