Gianluigi Rozza is Full Professor in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (SSD MAT/08, A1/05) at SISSA mathLab, Mathematics Area, SISSA – International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste, Italy.

ERC grantee AROMA-CFD 2016-2021 & PoC ARGOS 2022

Coordinator Mathematics Area at SISSA.

SISSA Director’s Delegate for Valorisation of Knowledge, Innovation, Technology Transfer and Industrial Cooperation.

SISSA mathLab
Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati, Office A-435, Via Bonomea 265, 34136 Trieste, Italy
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SISSA mathlab contributes to the development of software in computational science and engineering.
A list of our open source software can be found here







Several open positions are available:
– Digital Twins in ODYSSEA Lab, SMACT Live Demo FVG (12 months, extension plan).
– Research Associate on ERC PoC ARGOS project (12 months, extension plan).
– Research Associate on PRO3 (24 months)
– master thesis and internships within the group are always available. 

5 days of #summerschool @AROMA_CFD @Sissaschool #mathLab. Thanks to All participants, #lecturers, #poster #presenters. @SiamSissa @AROMA_CFD @RBniCS @rozzagroup #argos #mathematicsarea #cfd #reducedordermodelling visit:


New contribution as state of the art #review on #ACTANUMERICA on #reducedbasis for #parabolic #problems with Jan Hesthaven and Cecilia Pagliantini:
@AROMA_CFD @ITHACA_ROM @RBniCS @rozzagroup @aria_h2020 @ROMSOC_ITN @eFlows4HPC

At #ECCOMAS2022 we had also a #keynote on #modelreduction in #cfd and two talks by G. Stabile and I. Prusak (his first Talk) with recent results & trends @rozzagroup @Sissaschool on #turbulence #compressibleflows #machinelearning #fluidstructure 🇮🇹 🇺🇦 @ECCOMASofficial @AROMA_CFD

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PRFluids Letter: Numerical proof of shell model turbulence closure

Giulio Ortali, Alessandro Corbetta, Gianluigi Rozza, and Federico Toschi

Statistics of the energy cascade can be reproduced within the shell model for turbulence

📆 From 11 to 15 July 2022 SISSA will host the second edition of the Summer School on Advanced Reduced Order Methods and Applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

We are proud to announce that SISSA alumnus Marco Tezzele (@rozzagroup) wins the ECCOMAS Award for the best thesis of 2021 with a project dedicated to the optimisation of naval development processes in collaboration with @Fincantieri

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Il progetto di tesi di Marco Tezzele, realizzato alla @Sissaschool, grazie alla collaborazione e al supporto economico di #Fincantieri, è stato premiato dalla @ECCOMASofficial come tra le migliori del 2021. Un impegno continuo del Gruppo verso la #formazione.

Congratulazioni a Marco Tezzele per il premio @ECCOMASofficial! Un'incredibile risultato sostenuto grazie al supporto di @Fincantieri!

#SIAMUQ22 in #Atlanta, GA, US. Hybrid event after 2 years. My #Talk in MS72 and @MariaStrazzull2’s talk in MS154. @westindowntown @Sissaschool @rozzagroup @AROMA_CFD @RBniCS @ITHACA_ROM @ROMSOC_ITN @aria_h2020 @SiamSissa @TheSIAMNews #flowcontrol #modelreduction #pod #cfd

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we are #hiring! Development of Digital Twins of industrial machines with the final goal of implementing #algorithms for #predictivemaintenance and fault detection. Link to candidate:
Research position number: 05
@Sissaschool @UniTrieste @uniud

Yesterday our Gianluigi Rozza held his first #Solari lucture in @polimi. His presentation has focused on excellence and innovation in wind science and engineering. Here some of the moments of the lecture whose topic was #rom technique and their potentials in wind engineering.


September 4th at 5pm Gianluigi Rozza will held his first #SolariLecture @polimi titled “Reduced-Order Models in Wind Engineering: fundamentals and applications”.
It will be an astonishing moment of knowledge sharing, in honour of the great #GiovanniSolari

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🔸 PRO3 Workshop on #ScientificComputing
A first online workshop disseminating the results of the PRO3 joint programme project "Scientific computing for natural sciences, social sciences, and applications: methodological and technological development"

The inauguration ceremony of Leonardo, the world fourth fastest #supercomputer, was held today at the Bologna Technopole.
The project, in which SISSA is a partner together with @INFN_, is led by @Cineca1969 and supported by @mur_gov_ and Europe

New #book @TheSIAMNews #siam #cs series on #modelreduction in #CFD with co-editors G.Stabile and F.Ballarin with all @rozzagroup contributions in #chapters, summatizing results from @AROMA_CFD @ERC_Research @aria_h2020 @ROMSOC_ITN @eFlows4HPC et al. More:

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🎙️ The 6th episode of the #Sidecar podcast is out now!
👉 In this episode @gVallortigara, neuroscientist and professor at @UniTrento, and Carmelo Evoli, professor of astrophysics at @GSSI_LAQUILA, will talk about intelligence, evolution and animal species

📌 “Astrociti: le vere star del cervello” (i.e. Astrocytes: the real stars of the brain) with SISSA researcher @CarmenFalcone6
📅 December 5th, at 11.00 am
📍 Urban Center, Trieste

🔹 Spring College on the Physics of #ComplexSystems

🗓️ 20 Feb to 17 Mar 2023


Applications deadline: 30/11/2022

@Sissaschool @PoliTOnews

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