FARE-X-AROMA-CFD project deals with advanced numerical analysis for parametric partial differential equations (PDEs) to improve scientific computing performances in more and more complex computational mechanics problems.
The aim of the FARE-X-AROMA-CFD project is to guarantee two further goals for ERC funded AROMA CFD project and to consolidate a strong critical mass in the development of numerical methods for computational reduction in fluid-dynamics and applications: computation reduction techniques, compressible flows and reduction in parametric space.

FARE Funding for three SISSA scientist, December 21, 2017

Announcement for 1 postdoc research position┬áDeadlines for Applications: 16/04/2018 – 13:00


FARE-X-AROMA-CFD is an initiative of Italian Government, funded by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research (MIUR) to incentivate ERC grantees to stay in Italian Universities or to come back to Italy from abroad. FARE funded proposal opening new research lines closely related with the main topics of the already funded ERC project AROMA-CFD. FARE-X-AROMA is focused on reduced order methods for compressible flows.