Several open positions are available:
  • master thesis and internships within the group are always available. 
  • Admission to SISSA PhD courses for the accademic year 2022/2023 – PNRR 

    Available Projects:

    1. “Development of Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning” in collaboration with Danieli Automation SpA
    2. “Mathematical and numerical modeling, scientific computing, data science and the study of automatic and intelligent algorithms for the study of products and / or processes” in collaboration with Dofware S.r.l.
    3. “Reduction models for the parametric study of temporary flooring panels for large events” in collaboration with EPS Italia S.r.l.
    4. “Development of advanced reduced methods of parametric optimization for the structural analysis of cruise vessels” in collaboration with Fincantieri SpA
    5. Mathematical Analysis, Modelling, and Applications – Double degree in collaboration with TU Eindhoven on “Machine Learning for Turbulence”

    Further information can be found: [1-4], [5]
    To apply: