3 open positions are available:
-A new open position (16 months or any other duration consistent to the deadline of the project) as research associate  at SISSA, International School for Advanced Studies, Mathematics Area, mathLab, Trieste, Italy ( in cooperation with CETENA, a Fincantieri company, is available with deadline June 4, 2021 at 1pm (Rome time):  
Research title: Methods for advanced simulation for complex problems of control and stability in computational fluid dynamics in naval field.
Fields of the research activity: Numerical analysis and simulation for the complex systems (industry) held by PDEs in computational fluid dynamics for optimization and control, data science, automatic learning and uncertainty quantification, real time and offlineonline scientific computing, web computing, advanced programming, high performance computing and/or large scale computing competences;
-Two positions are based at SISSA in cooperation with University of Trieste and SMACT for the Live Demo FVG Odyssea on Digital Twins.
Danieli Automation, Electrolux and Wartsila are involved as well.
At the call link please see attachment A.3. Please apply by June, 3, 2021 at 1 pm (Rome time):