Open Positions at SISSA mathLab:
Archived calls:
  • Research Associate on Scientific Machine Learning (Deadline: 21/08/2023 – 23:59)
  • Research Associate on Computational Webserver Development (Deadline: 11/01/2023 – 13:00)
  • Digital Twins in ODYSSEA Lab, SMACT Live Demo FVG (12 months, extension plan)
    Deadline: November 1st, 2022 at 12pm
    Apply here:
    Research position number: 05 (cumulative call by University of Trieste)
    Project: “Analysis, Design, and Development of Digital Twins Models for industrial processes and products for Live Demo SMACT Industry 4.0”
    a. Development of Digital Twins of industrial machines with the final goal of implementing algorithms for predictive maintenance and fault detection.
    b. Artificial Intelligence algorithms and numerical techniques will be mixed in order to ensure the behavioural consistency between the Digital Twin and the corresponding physical counterpart.
    c. Development of a Digital Twin Prototype whose aim is to support the creation of new models of products, improving the comfort and reducing the energy consumption.
    d. The activity will be part of the live demo FVG SMACT ODYSSEA and developed at SISSA mathLab in cooperation with Electrolux, Wartsila and Danieli Automation.
  • Research Associate on ERC PoC ARGOS project (12 months, extension plan)      
    Deadline: November 8, 2022 at 1pm
    Apply here:
    We are looking for a young profile, even with minimum experience but with a lot of enthusiasm, who will be also in charge of:
    a. Computational Web Server development;
    b. Web development (frontend and backend by HTLM, CSS, Python languages);
    c. Scientific apps development using Python (algorithms implementation, machine learning models, ..)
    d. System Administrator activities (web server management)
    e. Everything within a young and international team, using innovative computational  methodologies and technologies.
  • Research Associate on PRO3 (24 months)
    Deadline: November 8, 2022 at 1pm
    Apply here:
    Development of advanced scientific computing methodologies in complex systems with applications in engineering, medicine and environmental sciences.